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As a pioneer in friction stir welding(FSW) technology, China FSW Center (CFSWC) has been committing to develop FSW technology and equipment with a high level. From fundamental and applied research to the development of advanced automatic FSW equipment,FSW technology has been successfully extended to many industrial sectors, such as railway, power electronics, etc. As integration solutions provider with advanced technology, abundant process procedures and professional equipment, CFSWC has created and promoted the industrialization of FSW in China.

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Latest News

China FSW Center exported 3 sets of specialized friction stir welding equipment to France

This machine has three advantages: high level of integration, rigidity and adaptability which could make itself be used in 80% industrial goods manufacturing by changing different specification jigs.



China FSW Center successful appeared in 2017 China International Auto Material Application & Light Weight Technology Exhibition

From 19th July to 21st July 2017, AVIC Beijing FSW Technology Co.,Ltd (China FSW Center) successful appeared in 2017 China International Auto Material Application & Light Weight Technology Exhibition as an exhibitor······

Friction Stir Welding Technology-- The flagship technology on new energy automobile industry

Beijing FSW Technology Co.,Ltd continued to promoting the friction stir welding technology to domestic automotive industry, provided technical support and solutions for many auto-manufacturers ······

Robotic System by CFSWC - Specified for Automobile Industry

In order to meet the rapidly development of automobile industry, China FSW Center (CFSWC) successfully developed the first Friction Stir Welding Robotic System Specified for Automobile Industry······

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